About our business

We are a small business, owned and run by professional engineers. 350 Energy is a member of the Renewable Energy Association and we participate in the REAL Assurance Scheme and Consumer Code.

We have nearly 50 years’ experience of environmental engineering, consultancy and project development. We work on any part of a project from initial strategy through to feasibility, design, construction and commissioning.

Where opportunities arise we may also seek to fund and own renewable energy developments if our clients do not wish to do so.

We only build systems we can be proud of. This means they must perform well, be sympathetic to their surroundings, and should contribute to the 350 target.

Our values include:

  •  Best value for our clients
  •  Highest quality engineering
  •  Well manufactured products
  •  Low Carbon
  •  Reliability
  • Energy Efficient

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