Biomass fuelled heating and electricity generation can be both economically attractive and make a valuable contribution to the 350 target.

Whilst not completely carbon neutral, biomass to energy projects are generally considered to be around 70% more carbon friendly than using fossil fuels and at 350 Energy we think 70% better is worth having!

What we do - 350 advises domestic, commercial and large scale enterprises on biomass opportunities and how to exploit them. We provide strategic advice on technologies, project economics and likely project returns in order to help clients turn their ideas into fully operating, climate friendly energy systems.

Small scale At domestic level, biomass is a useful fuel for water and space heating, and for anyone off the gas grid, investment in biomass heating is likely to pay for itself very quickly.

Systems range from simple log burners through to sophisticated pellet burners that need almost no attention and perform in a similar manner to a gas boiler.

Large Scale Larger scale projects range from the provision of biomass heating at commercial and industrial properties through to dedicated biomass to heat and power generating facilities. The government’s incentive scheme; the “Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) makes installation of biomass energy systems financially attractive to many businesses and property managers with a heat requirement.

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