350 Hydro projects are classified as “small” or “micro” scale, ranging from less than 1kW to 1MW. The introduction of Feed-in tariffs in the UK has made it financially attractive to install small hydro-electric systems, particularly on sites with a height difference to exploit.

350 Hydro undertakes feasibility studies, scheme designs and project manages the installation of small or micro scale hydro-electric projects. We help clients understand the economics of potential sites and can provide the support necessary to obtain finance and take an opportunity from initial concept through to an operating site that generates low carbon electricity.

Where clients have good sites, but where they may wish to share the costs or risks associated with a development, 350 Energy may invest alongside the client in order to deliver a low risk, successful project.

High head hydro sites can exploit small streams that have a good height difference between the water intake and the electricity generating turbine. A height difference (known as the “head”) of around 20 metres or more is usually best and these systems can be built on relatively small streams and with low flows. Because the flows tend to be low, the cost of pipework and turbines is generally low compared to the energy generated so these projects are often economically attractive.


Low head hydro projects are typically built on the sites of historic weirs and mill houses. They make use of a greater flow of water than high head sites. “Modern” Archimedes screw style turbines have become cost effective and attractive, particularly as they tend to be fish friendly.

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